Partnership case study – X Mobile for Bitcoin Mobile.

Bitcoin Mobile’s flagship partnership is to assist X Mobile to launch a device called the X Smartphone to provide a test environment for Bitcoin Mobile and its primary users. Bitcoin Mobile is partnering with X Mobile ‘a smartphone for the blockchain’ who are providing a patent pending mining and payment technology towards Bitcoin Mobile. X Mobile will be present on Bitcoin Mobile will be embedded into the X Smartphone.


Dapplication ‘the future home of Dapps’ is the operational HQ for the development program, with Bitcoin Mobile SDKs, API’s and Github present. Dapplication has agreed to feature Bitcoin Mobile within its Dapps store.

REUM offers blockchains, platforms, dapps and tools. is where .codeless .vimoose and .encrypto. and other REUM software is developed. and as both provide assistance to companies on the blockchain.


LiteDEX is an exchange dedicated to Litecoin, this exchange has been chosen by Bitcoin Mobile, due to the exchange offering free transactions to customers trading in the exchange with Bitcoin Mobile (BCM) currency.


Bankwith challenger offers a unique market for both online and offline environments. Bitcoin Mobile partnership with the Bankwith challenger means users can create a universal account (JV account with Bankwith and Bitcoin Mobile) and download your choice of wallet.

Dev Fund

Bitcoin Mobile Dev Fund is an independent entity run by Finsec Associates, it is an opportunity to invest, pledge and support Bitcoin Mobile in its quest to solve major problems faced by Bitcoin core, Bitcoin forks and the Bitcoin currency eco system.

Finsec Associates

Finsec Associates ‘Finsa’ is a London based organisation operating within enterprise blockchain technology, fintech, banking and financial services. The finsec associates will bridge the finsec resources gap between fiat currency and digital currencies.

What Is Bitcoin Mobile?

Bitcoin Mobile is a stable coin, which means your currency value is attached to Bitcoin (BTC) price upon purchase. Your investment is not affected by any fall in bitcoin prices, which is a protection against market fluctuation, thus providing a favourable alternative to Bitcoin.