3 Ways to buy Bitcoin Mobile

There are several ways you can buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mobile Exchange


Bitcoin Mobile exchange is available on smartphones, as an application and online via a desktop or via HTTP, the exchange is dynamic and offers our Bitcoin Mobile (BCM) tether as well as listing Bitcoin core (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and other established coins, Bitcoin Mobile exchange allows you to search, browse and find various sellers and buyers of BCM. Sellers have reviews and feedback scores to assist your choice.

Bitcoin Mobile Wallet


Bitcoin Mobile wallet has a (patent approved) cold storage wallet providing direct communication with your bank account. Bitcoin Mobile (BCM) offers ‘Wallet to Wallet’ transactions and has no central authority, it is a currency which allows businesses to buy a Bitcoin store of value, without actually using the BTC cryptocurrency, with BCM you are free of charges and other problems associated with bitcoin core and bitcoin forks, BCM is fiat currency friendly and can seamlessly provide payments.

Bitcoin Mobile App


Bitcoin Mobile is based within your mobile, a user downloads the application, which allows them to access to BCM, this App system allows you to deposit and withdraw money at will, also to buy and sell on Bitcoin Mobile Exchange. Bitcoin Mobile App offers a unique route into Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Mobile App is present on the Apple store and the Andriod App store, also our desktop alternative allows you to send and receive Bitcoin Mobile (BCM), but mining BCM only works via the mobile app.

The Bitcoin Mobile Environment

 Bitcoin Mobile Mining and Exchange

Our Bitcoin Mobile mining protocol is POU, simple use of your smartphone generates BCM’s at a steady pace, these coins are then transferable within the  Bitcoin Mobile Exchange, with fiat pairs, crypto coin pairs, as a quicker route in and out of crypto using Bitcoin Mobile (BCM).

Using Bitcoin Mobile for payments

Users can make payments with Bitcoin Mobile (BCM), converting immediately into fiat for digital purchases. You can make a conversion payments with BCM using Fiat here.

Be a Bitcoin Mobile ATM

If you have fully operational smartphone, an internet connection and you are an active BCM user, you can become a Bitcoin Mobile ATM provider (smartphone app as an ATM), Bitcoin Mobile ATM’s are in built into your smartphone and you will have access to a tranche of BCM to offer to customers, you will travel to the customers and allow them to transfer BCM to their Smartphones.

Support Bitcoin Mobile Dev Fund

Assist Bitcoin Mobile to spread awareness and improve development of our currency over time.

Support the Fund using Bitcoin

Supporting us with a Bitcoin payment is the first thing you can do to support Bitcoin Mobile. You can make a payment using Fiat here and become a Bitcoin Mobile user here to make payments and purchases with Bitcoin Mobile (BCM).

Using Bitcoin Mobile

There are many cases where Bitcoin Mobile (BCM) it can make your life easier. You can accept payments and make purchases with Bitcoin Mobile.

Be the network

If you have a good smartphone and an internet connection, you can strengthen the Bitcoin Mobile network. Get Bitcoin Mobile running on your mobile to trade and use BCM, apply to become a Bitcoin Mobile ATM operator (revolutionary mobile node ATM’s). Bitcoin Mobile nodes are securing and relaying all transactions across global markets.

If you are a developer with an interest in Bitcoin Mobile email us: hq@bitcoin-mobile.net


Bitcoin Mobile’s how it works page on this website and the Bitcoin Mobile F.A.Qs offers informative details about Bitcoin Mobile’s eco system, purpose and we are always seeking routes to new markets and ways to develop BCM.

Bitcoin.org, Bitcoin.com and the Bitcoin wiki provide useful documentation about Bitcoin core and these resources are kept them up to date by members of the Bitcoin community.

IconNews and Social

Finsec Associates will provide useful development news and documentation regarding the constant improvements to the Bitcoin Mobile network, our trade partner information is present at Finsec Associates (Finsa), assisting us to recruit from the financial industry as a resource for long term growth of BCM.

Bitcoin Mobile Social: Telegram, Medium, Stat X, Twitter, Instagram and the Bitcoin Talk

What Is Bitcoin Mobile?

Bitcoin Mobile is a stable coin, which means your currency value is attached to Bitcoin (BTC) price upon purchase. Your investment is not affected by any fall in bitcoin prices, which is a protection against market fluctuation, thus providing a favourable alternative to Bitcoin.