Bitcoin Mobile (offering WBTC) as wrapped 1:1 around Bitcoin (BTC).

WBTC can also be converted to fiat using Trust Token (TrueUSD) and other stable coins via our virtual Bitcoin smartphone app.

Introducing Bitcoin Mobile

Bitcoin Mobile is a type of Bitcoin that allows you to easily convert your Bitcoins into normal everyday spending money utilsing a combination of WBTC and TrustToken, the company behind the TrueUSD (TUSD) stablecoin.

Faster Peer to Peer Transactions

Lowest Cost Global Payments

Zero Consumption Mining

What Is Bitcoin Mobile?

Bitcoin Mobile has integrated the latest Trust Token technology as a  new feature, named AutoSweep, as part of a TrueUSD smart contract, making it much easier to manage large numbers of crypto wallets, as a stable coin.

Bitcoin Mobile (WBTC) is a tether secured against Bitcoin’s (BTC) market price and is burned and minted according to Bitcoin market price, with a  variation for easy pay/buy/sell/ consumer use, trade use, and as a faster transaction alternative to Bitcoin Core.

WBTC is a Bitgo ERC20 currency which has its value attached to Bitcoin (BTC), Bitgo is also provides custody/storage of user funds also utilising True USD during downward volatility, means Bitcoin Mobile services offers users an optional store of value that does not fluctuate in price like Bitcoin, thus providing a favourable alternative store of value to Bitcoin (BTC).